EC-80330 thermal printer

  • Fast 300 mm/sec printing speed
  • ESC/POS & STAR command sets compatible
  • 100M network interface card makes connection and printing faster
  • Supports two-dimensional bar code printing function (optional)
  • Built-in large data buffer to receive and store printing data
  • Supports printing of different density bitmap and graphics
  • Windows driver, Linux driver, OPOS driver available

TM88V thermal printer

  • mPOS-friendly printer compatible with iOS, android and Windows mobile devices
  • DHCP enabled model available for easy IP/network configuration
  • Printer class model available for easy connection and discovery
  • Supports 802.11a/b/g/n with 2.4GHz/5GHz compatibility and Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Fast printing up to 300mm/sec for both text and graphics
  • Special print options reduce paper usage up to 30%

TM-U220B kitchen printer

  • Three impact printer models
  • Easy to operate
  • Two-color black and red receipt and order printing
  • Right-side-up printing for kitchen orders
  • Flexible paper widths
  • Low TCO and affordable price
  • Drop-in paper load
  • Autocutter included
  • High-speed printing through logical seeking control 6.0 lps (30cpl) / 4.7
  • Wall mountable with optional kit

EC-3150 label printer

  • 3 inch print width
  • 6 inch/ sec ultra high print speed
  • Support 2D barcode printing
  • Label paper auth positioned
  • Compatible with various label software
  • BMP, PCX, BAS files download and storage supported

Dot matrix printer

  • 3 inch print width
  • Fast printing speed of up to 4.7 lines / sec
  • Archive optimum efficiency with 3 parts forms printout (original + 2 copies)
  • Trustworthy reliability (1.2 million lines)
  • Compatible with ESC / POS command sets
  • Automatic Black mark detection
  • Online Parameter setting